The crypt and chapel is only new addition to the buildings. The crypt will be able to receive around 200 niches. The chapel will be appropriate for daily masses, anniversary requiems and the Altar of Repose for Maundy Thursday. (click to enlarge)

An elevation of the baptismal font. It will be surrounded by a wrought-iron gate. (click to enlarge)

The ceiling above the font connects the waters of baptism to Our Lord’s baptism in the Jordan, when the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove. In baptism we die with Christ and rise with him. We are forgiven of our sins and infused with the virtues of faith, hope, and love. (click to enlarge)

This image is of the altar and triptych with the doors closed. When opened, the triptych will be a three-paneled painting with the crucifixion in the center, the Annunciation on the left, and the Visitation on the right. (click to enlarge)

A color elevation of the crypt chapel wall. The concept of the columbarium is marble with a barrel ceiling. (click to enlarge)