Why the church?

When the Campus Vision Committee started meeting late in 2015, we explored every area of the campus that could benefit from a capital campaign. We have dreams for every building and space and are limited only by resources. Our discernment focused on what would be the most strategic investment for the future health and growth of St Timothy's. Worship (adoration) is our primary task as Christians. It is where new Christians are made and where Christians are strengthened by Word and Sacrament. The mission of the Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ (Book of Common Prayer, page 855). Restoration and reconciliation begins and ends in prayer. A place designed specifically for this purpose is by its nature an act of mission. Therefore to invest in the future health and growth is to focus on a community of prayer and sacrament. 

What are the proposed changes?

The conceptual drawings can be viewed here with a brief description.

There is a lot of context and commentary that accompany these conceptual drawings. This website is designed to introduce the campaign and it is not exhaustive. A member of the committee or clergy will be happy to share more of the practical and theological rationale behind the drawings.

Will we have to worship elsewhere during the process?

Our architects believe this process will not alter our worship schedule, or if it does, it will not alter it for long. We will know more about the logistics the further we get into the design process. We can easily transform Drake Hall into a worship space if needed.

What about our church budget?

This is an excellent question and one we've wrestled with considerably. For the first time in a decade, we are fully staffed with two clergy. We also know that generous stewardship comes from faithfully formed Christians. For years the Greatest Generation supported their parish out of faith and loyalty. Successive generations tend to give for different reasons. If we want to increase stewardship and giving, we must invest in making disciples of Jesus Christ and that is done through adoration, formation, and transformation. While the timing of this campaign may seem to be wrong, we pray this campaign is exactly what is needed to increase stewardship. This campaign is about the future of St Timothy's. 

When will the campaign

We plan on concluding the giving phase of the campaign at the end of September 2018.

will there be meetings?

Yes. We will have three town hall meetings to discuss the proposed drawings and the nature of the campaign. The dates are:

  • April 15 after Evensong (approximately 4:30pm)
  • April 18 at 10:30am 
  • April 18: 6:00pm

All meetings will be in the Church.

Who is on the Committees?

The Campus Vision Committee (Discernment and Design)

  • Beckie McLean
  • Charlie Lovett
  • David Bergstone
  • Kelly Hines (2015-2017)
  • Richard Graves
  • Ellen Turner, Chapel Liaison 
  • Fr Steve Rice

The Capital Campaign Committee (Gifts and Pledges)

  • Charlie Lovett , Co-Chair
  • Beckie McLean, Co-Chair
  • Amy McFerrin
  • Brian Farrell
  • Chris Skarzynski
  • Jonathan Halsey
  • Beth Morphis
  • Fr Steve Rice